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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Abs Workout Exercise And Diet

by Pete Marks

If you want rock hard visible rock hard abs diet abs workouts and exercises alone will not do it. You have probably already tried the latest ab gadgets, ab pills or burning pills and have yet to see results but feel like failure trying to reach that goal. No matter how hard you try the truth is you may never see real results.

Ab diets and workouts are effective in building up stronger gut muscles and back muscles and may help reduce some fat. Spot burning or trying to reduce flab or fat on one area of the body with one specific exercise such as sit ups or gut crunches is just a myth and many fad gadgets usually focus on one group of muscles. Focusing on one group of muscles may add strength and tone. The truth is that if you have washboard abs and you have a layer of tummy fat or love handles no one will ever see those ripped abs.

You really need to focus on reducing your overall body fat thus reducing the fat around your waist if you want to see visible rock hard washboard chiseled abs. The typical diet can sabotage your goal if it is not tailored to you or it is not low fat. To lose weight takes a whole approach and this includes eating more whole foods, avoiding fats, avoiding lots of processed foods. A good weight loss diet plan will not be too extreme but will usually get you back to the major food groups. This can sound difficult but with the right knowledge and training it makes it easier to achieve sexy flat abs.

There are certain things to seriously consider in a workout regimen and you want to seriously consider the following about overall body fat. The ideal body fat for a health male adult is about 10 - 12%. The ideal body fat for a healthy female adult 14 - 16%. BMI is usually an indicator of health and is computed using charts that are based on age, height and current body weight. Even if your body weight falls within your BMI or Body Mass Index it is still possible that you may not fall within the guidelines of body fat mentioned above. A really extreme athlete may not even apply to a BMI chart and it may also depend on the sport. It really is unique to each individual. But if your close to your BMI then closer to desired body fat you are close to achieving your goal of flat hard washboard abs.

If you have the knowledge from a personal trainer you can always do your ab exercises from home or while your on the road. An active maintenance routine to stay fit is usually 3-4 days a week and depending on how aerobic the activity is. It can also pay to have a personal trainer but it can be costly and time consuming to have to always do your ab workout at the gym. If pays to get knowledge about health and fitness. Some products over deliver and this is because they have usually been around for a while and have shown that they deliver desired results when applied.

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