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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Loose weight easily and according to your own needs

by Groshan Fabiola

Overweight, obesity and all medical consequences that come with these, have become a real international problem in the last ten years. Weight problems affect all categories and social classes of people, from children, teenagers, men and women, to persons from high, low and middle social classes.

Many of the overweight persons have difficulties in respecting a certain diet and a certain life style and require professional help from nutrition specialists. A particular category of people with a weight issue only need to loose 5-10 kilograms in order to reach the accepted limits for their age, sex and height.

Most of the patients requiring help from nutritionist specialists and also those looking methods to loose a few kilograms on the Internet or in magazines, have made a real obsession about needing to loose weight, they feel fat, think about it all the time and while being obsessed, they are unable to find and follow a rational solution to their problem. Usually, people tend to gain a few kilograms without noticing it, while going through stress, during holidays or by diminishing their normal physical activity standard.

In order to be able to give an objective solution to a weight problem, you must know the exact case as every person is unique and each and every one of us has his own type of problems. For most persons requiring to loose 5 kilos it is generally recommended to better control their food intake per day and per meal as well as combining healthy eating habits with daily physical exercise according to needs.

For those willing to loose 5 kilos, there are some special advices, easy to solve for the ones really committed and determined to reach their goal. Of major importance is changing sandwiches and fast food with healthier food especially warm meals and fruits between meals. Not eating at night is an important goal as well as only eating when you are hungry and not because you are nervous or disappointed. Avoid buying chips, snacks and sweets by replacing them with low calorie products like diet food, fruits, vegetables or even mineral water. Mineral water is good for the body and especially skin as it contains vital minerals and microelements needed to prevent dehydration during a weight loss diet.

For the ones willing to loose up to ten kilos, the essential advice is to take up as much sport per day as possible in order to burn calories and take their mind out of food, at least while getting used to eating much less than they used to. Diet pills might also help, as placebo or even due to their content in elements diminishing the appetite for food. Some diet products accepted by international experts are also meant to lower the sugar and fats levels from the blood and helping their elimination through kidneys, intestines or sweat glands.

5 kilo weight loss must also imply changes in the life style like shifting relaxation in front of the TV and eating junks with jogging or any other calorie consuming physical exercise. A real determination and strong will of succeeding are important variables during a diet meant to loose you 10 kilos. Loosing weight can appear quite easy once you get used to the idea that food is not the answer to problems and a few kilograms extra can cause real big problems if neglected.

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