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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Old Age and Dieting

Adequate nutrition and a well balanced diet is of vital importance in old age so as to prevent the common hazards of aging. Many factors like poor income, decreased mobility, social isolation and depression are known to affect the health and well being of the elderly.

Under nutrition, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and osteoporosis have been identified as the most important and commonly prevalent nutrition related health problems in old age.

Since, during old age the significance of nutrition is of immense importance, it is important to take care about the diet and nutritional adequacy of their diets. With age the energy needs are reduced and because of this the entire quantum of food intake is reduced but the requirement of most of the other nutrients remains unaltered. Thus, it becomes important to supply adequate nutrients in decreased energy levels.

During old age , intake of energy rich food like sweets, fried or high fat stuff, cereals, starches should be reduced and milk , milk products, fresh fruits, vegetables should be increased. Calcium rich food is also very important due to gradual demineralization of bones associated with aging. Intake of simple sugars must also be reduced as they are packets of empty calories. Due to the loss of teeth, modifications in the consistency of food may be done; diet should be soft, well cooked.

Since sufficient exposure to sunlight may not be possible due to being confined to the bed because of illnesses, vitamin d is not taken in by the body and hence, vitamin rich food stuff should be included.

With old age appetite and tolerance reduces hence, the number of meals should be increased with small amounts of food each time. Food must also contain a lot of fiber as it helps those suffering from constipation, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

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