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Monday, December 07, 2009

The Best Way to Lose Body Fat and Control Weight

by James Halm

Tired of that extra body fat? Discouraged by the results of most all diet programs? Caught in the never ending struggle with weight loss? Looking for a practical and comprehensive weight reduction program? Want to know how to Strip That Fat?

There is a way to eliminate fat, lose weight and diet effectively that is natural, healthy and leads to permanent weight loss.

No diet regime can produce long lasting results unless it incorporates most of the elements involved in weight loss. That includes:

1. Exercise
2. Types of food consumed
3. Amounts of food consumed.

This isn't rocket science. The world has long known that weight loss boils down to diet and exercise. All of the rest of what is out there is primarily nonsense, temporary in effect or just plain useless.

You may not be obese, but you are likely part of the overweight category. 70% of the entire country of the United States of America is overweight...this is over 210,000,000 people. The rest of the world is fairly close, coming in at around 60% of people being overweight.

Diets that lead to the loss of significant weight in a short period of time typically involve diminished water retention. Strip That Fat is not at all about this kind of "burst" weight loss.

Most diets actually make you gain weight after your initial weight loss. These diets cannot be done over the course of several months like Strip That Fat and do not lead to nearly the same amount of weight loss.

With the Strip That Fat diet you can lose up to 2 pounds of PURE FAT every week and you will be provided with solutions for both short term and long term weight loss!

The more the body fat loss the healthier a dieter becomes. A weight loss program that focuses on the reduction of fat, as is the case with Strip That Fat, is the safer, healthier alternative to most diet programs out there.

What happens when you finally find and use a diet and weight loss program that permanently solves your weight challenges?

What better gift to give a family member or friend who you know has been fighting a weight problem and has yet to find a diet that works?

Strip That Fat answers those questions and many more.

There is no better time than right now to begin a permanent weight loss journey with a Strip That Fat program that gets off the body fat and keeps it off for good. Waiting only prolongs the outcome that leads to healthier and happier lives.

Are you ready to reduce that body fat? Is it time for a trimmer waist and a smaller pant or dress size? Can you see yourself taking advantage of normal body processes in order to lose weight?

Here is what just one Strip That Fat user had to say:

"I want to just send a quick note and thank you guys. I have been struggling with depression for as long as I can remember. It has only been a few weeks but I have been able to lose some weight already and actually keep it off. I have been on countless amounts of meds and tried numerous types of diets, but nothing has helped me as much as the program at Strip That Fat has. You've changed my life!!" -Lisa Knoll, Manchester, UK

Now is the time to join the slimmer, healthier, happier crowd once and for all.

About the Author
I am a career entrepreneur currently involved in starting a franchising business, running a nonprofit, taking occasional contract assignments and building a work from home online business. To learn how to effectively lose weight by reducing fat, click the following link: WEIGHT LOSS REVIEW