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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Flat Abs Diet For Women - 4 Effective Steps

by Janet Dawson

If you want to change from fat to flat abs, current research reveals that the food you consume means just as much as the exercise you do. And your lifestyle means something as well, because stress affects your mind and your body also. So, let me explain how you can do a flat abs diet. There are 4 necessary laws you have to obey if you want to be successful.

#1 Reduce your carbohydrate intake:

When you are trying to lose weight using a flat abs diet, it is critical that you lower the number of carbohydrates that you consume. Carbohydrates are processed by your body, producing a simple sugar that provides energy. Any extra carbohydrates that you consume are stored as fat by your body. Eating low fat foods is not necessarily helpful because more sugar is added to these products to improve the taste. So it is necessary to reduce your consumption of breads, rice, pasta, potatoes, chips, etc. You also must limit your intake of sugary beverages, like juices and sodas.

#2 Eat more Protein:

As your weight or body fat decreases, it is unfortunate, that your muscles decreases also, so although you reduce your weight, you will have even more flab. However current research has discovered that if you eat the correct portion of protein, dividing it during the day, before and after you exercise, this not only helps weight loss, but it also helps with muscle loss (of course, this means a lot to women also!).

And you will lose more fat, changing you from fatter to flatter abs while you are on the flat abs diet. Maintaining muscle is necessary for a few reasons. "Reduced muscles lowers the resting metabolism rate, making it more difficult to keep your weight steady and decrease body fat,"

Recent evidence implies that for bone and muscle protection, to have flatter abs, be more fit, and have more muscles, we should eat more, but the maximum amount of protein should not be over 40 percent of the calories we take in everyday (we don't mean the Atkins Diet). It is necessary to have a balanced diet.

#3 Eat more fiber rich food:

Inadequate fiber intake is the main reason people are becoming bigger and have loosely hanging flesh, states leading fiber researcher David Jenkins, M.D., Ph.D., University of Toronto, nutrition and medicine professor, and a National Academy of Sciences' Food and Nutrition Board member.

He states that one of the reasons people get fat and doughy is because of a lack of fiber in their diets. In order to firm up you body and especially your abs, women have to eat a minimum of 25 grams of fiber a day and men have to eat 38 grams. Fiber is the part of a food that cannot be digested and is found in fruits, vegetables, legumes and any whole-grain food. Fiber rich foods give you a flat stomach for many reasons:

If you do not eat enough fiber, you could suffer from constipation, which will add five pounds to your weight and cause you stomach to appear bloated. Another benefit of fiber rich foods, such as fruit, vegetables and oat flakes, is that they add bulk to your diet buy do not add calories, so you feel full for a longer time but also lose weight. To be successful in a flat abs diet, read this article to learn the single most important but also one of the easiest steps to reaching your goal.

#4 Drink a lot of Water:

With the flat abs diet, water is essential to burning fat. Sixty percent of your total body weight is water and 70 percent of your weight is fat. So, if you drink enough water, your body will operate efficiently.

Anyone working on a flat abs diet quickly learns that an increase in water consumption helps to curb sensations of hunger. When the stomach is filled with water, the dieter finds that he or she consistently eats less. The resulting drop in overall calorie intake insures successful and healthy weight loss. Remembering to drink water will speed you on your way to a safe and triumphant flat abs diet.

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