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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Exercising With a Weight Loss Plan for Vegetarian Diet

by William Witt

Exercise is a key component of any weight loss plan. While it is possible to lose weight just by eating less. It is far healthier to add an exercise component which accelerates your fat burning. But you don't just exercise, oh no. You have 3 basic parts of exercise. You develop an exercise plan. Then you implement & monitor your exercise plan. Finally you revise your exercise plan.

Before actually developing an exercise plan the first thing you do is visit your Doctor and get his/her okay for exercise. Everything else said here is with the understanding that are consulting your Doctor. Developing an exercise plan consists of putting together both aerobic and strength building exercises. You work with your Doctor here and determine how many days of aerobic exercise and how many days of strength building. Aerobics can be as simple as going for a walk and strength building can be as simple as going up and down stairs. It depends on your fitness level, which why working with your Doctor is so important.

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Now that you have developed an exercise plan you need to implement and monitor it. Just because you & your Doctor think walking would be good for you, until you get out and do the walking it is an unknown. So do the exercise program and keep a close eye on it.

So you have an exercise plan and you have been working it. Soon it will be time to revise it, why? Well as you exercise and lose weight a couple of things happen. You begin to become fit and healthy. In other words you become a little stronger and your endurance begins to increase. As this happens you need to adjust your exercise plan. Start walking further or maybe ride a bike instead. Add more strength exercises as the one's you are doing become easier and easier. Before you know it you are becoming fit and healthy and Losing Weight.

Well we talked about exercising with a weight loss plan following three basic steps. Developing an exercise plan. Next you implement and monitor your exercise plan. Then you revise the plan as needed. Happy exercising.

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