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Monday, June 08, 2009

Balanced Living

by Andrew Hudson

It feels good to move! As a matter of fact it makes every part of our lives feel better when we move. Exercise needs to be rethought, revamped, and implemented! It's no surprise to most of us that America leads the world in obesity (yes, we do), when exercise is pushed on us as weight lifting and running. We don't stop to think, 'hey, isn't walking, or cleaning the house exercise?', the answer is yes! In fact every time you get up out of your chair and move around, you're exercising. Wow, easy isn't it?

I bet you're thinking, 'well yeah, it might be exercise, but how am I going to benefit from walking around?'. I'll tell you how; you're going to strengthen your cardiovascular system and your muscle-skeletal system, just by walking! Actually anything you do that takes energy to perform is healthy diet and exercise.The more often you do it, and the more intense it is, the better. Yet that doesn't mean you won't benefit from even to most simple activities; sweeping the house, taking out the trash, gardening, they're all forms of exercise.

Hopefully the cloud around exercise in your brain is starting to lift; hopefully you're looking at exercise as no big deal and not 'the big run'. Hopefully you're interested in releasing a large dose of endorphins (feel good hormones), and relieving that load of stress on your chest. Maybe even improving your self- esteem seems like a good idea, maintaining joint health and stability as you age sounds good right? All of these are very practical and very real benefits of any form of exercise.

Just remember to move! Any form of it will allow you to live a healthy lifestyle, full of healthy benefits. Exercise isn't a job; it's supposed to be fun! Healthy living doesn't have to be hard. But when you move and shake, easy or hard, you're doing yourself a huge favor and ensuring a healthy future!

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