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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Weight Loss Secrets - 4 Tips for Losing Weight

by Peter Giraldeau

Tired of tedious diets that never work out? I know I was. It wasn't until I learned some key weight loss secrets that I got quick and sustainable results. It all comes down to sustainability, if your diet gives results in the short term but is not sustainable you will fail to retain your new weight. In fact often times with diets that cannot be maintained long term you may see that you gain back the weight that you lost and then some in a very short period of time after stopping. I did a lot of research when I wanted to shed some pounds. If you're reading this then you're well on your way to losing weight and achieving your goals. OF course I can't give you all the information I used, there are many trade secrets that were successful for me that I have to accredit to Strip That Fat and other weight loss programs. However I can tell you some basic tips that will help you get the ball rolling.

Weight Loss Secret #1: Drink the recommended daily intake of water. Water is required for the kidneys to function 100%, if you do not get enough water your liver has to spend some of its energy on picking up the slack for the kidneys. This is bad because the liver is key to metabolism. Without it working 100% your metabolism suffers making it difficult to lose weight.

Weight Loss Secret #2: Eat 3 to 5 well balanced meals everyday. This will keep the metabolism working faster. The faster your metabolism is the faster your body processes the food you eat which will stop fat build up and help you to lose weight quickly.

Weight Loss Secret #3: Set a goal for yourself. If you set a goal for yourself at the outset of your weight loss journey you will be more likely to follow through with your diet or weight loss plan. For example when I went through this process I told myself that I would lose two pounds a week. I pushed myself to meet these goals and some weeks even exceeded my goal by 1 to 2 pounds.

Weight Loss Secret #4: Treat yourself. No diet or weight loss plan should deprive you of the things you love. At the end of each week if you have achieved your goal treat yourself to something that you love. The key is moderation. Don't over indulge.

Weight Loss Secret #5: I know I said there would only be 4 but this one is a bonus. Find a diet plan that works for you. There are many plans out there and not every plan will work for everybody. Check out this link for reviews on the top rated weight loss products on the internet. I guarantee you won't be disappointed. Weight Loss Reviews

I hope that these weight loss secrets have helped you out. Good luck with achieving your goal of losing weight.

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