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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Nutrition, Energy and Weight Loss

by Healthy New You

Why do people give up on diets or cheat?

It's simple. Most people on diets, cut out the nutrition their bodies need, and therefore they end up craving sugar and fat. When you deprive your body of good essential nutrients and vitamins, you start losing muscle mass, and therefore also lose the ability to burn calories.

Protein and nutrition:

Sandwiches, pasta, sweets, french fries and all those foods we love, fill you up with carbohydrates, but the nutritional value is minimal. By replacing these foods with those of higher protein content, you can curb your cravings, increase lean muscle, and speed up your metabolism. We end up, therefore burning more calories! We don't want to add more fat, and calories of course, nor do we all have the time to make sure every meal is a balanced one. So what do we do? Read on.

I'm a busy person, so why don't I burn calories?

We work every day, keep up with a home and family, have appointments to keep, and many other things that keep us busy in our day to day lives. This causes us to eat the wrong types of food. We'll go for the "easy (high calorie) foods", maybe a snack to get us through until dinner. These don't provide us with the nutrients we need, and therefore our bodies demand more in order to get them. You end up eating what you don't need and it gets stored as fat. By obtaining the correct nutrients, this vicious cycle can be stopped.

Dollars out of pocket:

With most of you working every day, how much do you think you spend on food and beverages? While many of you probably take a rather healthy sack lunch to work, many others eat out at that burger joint, quickie Mexican food place, or maybe a sit down restaurant down the street. At today's prices for eating out, you could easily spend $5 to $10, or more every day! Honestly, what are you getting for your hard earned money?

Energy and you:

When your body processes (the proper) food and nutrients, it distributes them to your body cells. This process creates energy. The higher the quality of your nutritional intake, the more energy you obtain!

That's not all....... By obtaining the proper nutrients, we help our bodies many functions "hit on all cylinders" so to speak. Without proper diet, these systems begin to "malfunction", and we begin to lose our immunity to organisms that can cause illness.

This all makes sense, but what can we do?

Okay, what do we know? Most "diets" don't work, given our lack of dedication, and their lack of a proper nutritional program. We need proper nutrition and protein to give our body what it needs. Good nutrition and protein, helps our body "energize" and burn off calories, plus it helps our immune system. Most of us are too busy, whether we're at a job or not, to bother with a "proper" meal. Eating the wrong foods only adds calories and fat to our body, which it doesn't process or deliver to our body cells.

Herbalife is the answer...........

Herbalife has a complete line of nutritional and vitamin supplements that help your body function properly. These supplements increase your metabolism, and energy at the cellular level. Not only will your body be working better, you'll feel and look better too! How so? When you replace those unneeded fats and calories with the right supplements, you manage your weight, feel better, and you become more positive. When you're more positive, others can see that in you. "Well, I can buy supplements and vitamins at the local food or drug store." As stated earlier, Herbalife products, work at the cellular level. This means that our cells are sufficiently nourished, so that they can perform their roles properly. Their entire line is completely natural and herbal based. Those are the main differences.

What about cost?

Remember what was said about eating lunch when you're away at work? The basic program recommended by Herbalife will cost a little over $2.00 a day. You'll save money!

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About the Author
We are a couple that has incorporated the use of Herbal Based Nutritional Supplements and Vitamins in our daily regemin, with amazing results. Our energy has increased, weights maintained or reduced, and we even sleep better.