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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Lose Menopause Fat

by Richard Davis

How does one lose the weight before, during, or after menopause? Leading up to menopause, that period call perimenopause, weight gain can increase and our shape harder to maintain. This can be very discouraging. According to the Mayo Clinic, we gain on average, about one pound a year. During this time we need to strive to maintain healthy eating habits and an active lifestyle. To do this we need a good plan.

So what are the causes of weight gain during this time. Can we blame it on harmones? Not entirely. More than likely it is a combination of several factors. The main culprits are less activity and more eating! If we eat more and exercise less, we are retaining calories instead of burning them. The way we eat and exercise has a lot to do with our metabolism.

Let's look at some things we can do to reduce our weight gain, thus reducing our risk for such diseases as high blood pressure (which can lead to stroke), heart disease, diabetes, and even breast cancer. According to the Mayo Clinic, breast cancer risk is increased with extra weight, but can be decreased by losing that exra weight.

Here are the main things we need to do:

1. Increase our physical activity. You do not have to start off with something that is beyond your ability. I would suggest walking. Get tired and stop. The next time you go walking, go a little bit further. Increase it daily. You will be surprised at what you can accomplish and how quickly you will begin to feel better. Do something you enjoy. I play racquet ball or basketball. In the Summer, I enjoy swimming. The more your muscles are active, the more your metabolism is increased.

2. Be concious of what you are eating. Pick out a good diet plan and look at the list of good foods it contains. Watch your portions. Stop when you are full. If you have to eat again in an hour or two, do so. Just be sure to stop when you are full and not beyond that point. Stay away from the bad foods. You can get a list of foods to avoid and foods you should eat on any of the three diet plans I have reviewed.

3. The most important thing you need, is a well laid out plan. This plan should include goal setting. It should guide you through the weight losing process. Many diets are way off target when getting your body to increase metabolism and train it for long term weight maintenance. And that should be the goal. Not a quick weight loss and then gain it back again.

I looked at many diets that were becoming increasingly popular and picked out three that focused on healthy eating and exercise. I give a synopsis of these on my website. I think they will help you lose the menopause fat! Check it out! Click Here!

About the Author
Richard is a firefighter, husband, and dad of three children. He is also a Paramedic. He has done extensive research on weight gain and dieting, as well as some personal experience in exercise and nutrition. Check out his blog at or his website at