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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Fast Weight loss

by Vin andella

The Three Day Fast Weight Loss

Wondering what this popular 3 day quick weight loss plan is all about? I can explain the concept in 3 short words:

Take. Water. Excusively.

Truly, the 3 day quick weight loss plan involves fasting. You should totally refrain from eating during this period. Whenever you'll feel that your stomach needs to be fed, you will have to take water. Remember, just water.

You will suffer a lot during this period. You will want to give up during this time. Your character will be tested during this ordeal.

Once this diet plan is over, you are bound to shred 3 to 5 pounds. This 3 day quick weight loss plan is also known for its detoxifying effects. This period of fasting will rid your body of the poisons that may have accumulated your entire life.

A few warnings regarding this 3 day quick weight loss plan however:

* You may not be qualified for it. Individuals who suffer from some diseases should not stay away from fasting. Women who are pregnant are very much prohibited from pushing through with this quick weight loss plan.

* It's not a permanent answer to being overweight. You can't refuse to eat all the time. Once you start eating, your system's tendency is to compensate for the nutrients that it was prevented from taking during those 3 days.

* At most, you should only go through this 3 day quick weight loss plan twice a year. Anything more frequent that that can be perilous to your wellbeing.

Many medical experts advise against this diet plan. According to them, it's merely a quick fix, which may be enough for that dinner party and the black dress you're planning to wear, but it's not something that will give you that sexy, healthy body that will last forever.

The best weight loss solution remains the pursuit of proper diet accompanied by regular workuts. No amount of fasting will be able to beat this.

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