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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Top 10 Fitness Tips

A good fitness program requires a healthy lifestyle, focus, and a good plan. Whether you want to lose the extra-pounds, or just stay in shape, these tips may help you reach your fitness goals.

Tip #1: Work out regularly!

Always remember that it is more important to have a quality workout than to have a long one. However, you should try to progressively increase the time spend working out from twenty minutes to an hour. You can work out harder when you`re full of energy.

Tip #2: Combine the exercises.

Make sure that your fitness workout covers all muscle groups. The fitness program should include cardio exercises like aerobic, jogging, stepping, climbing stairs, or rope jumping. Lifting weights and stretching exercises are also a good option. Don't overwork yourself: at the end of the workout you should feel full of energy, not stressed and exhausted.

Tip #3: Try new exercises to avoid routine.

Once you`re familiar with some of the fitness exercises, why not try others? Maybe you`ll enjoy them more. For instance, the Pilates exercises help you work on your belly in a different way; or, you may want to try Tae-bo or kickboxing instead of aerobic.

Tip #4: Adapt to your environment!

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