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Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Grapefruit (Citrus X paradisi) is a sub-tropical tree of the family Rutaceae and its citrus fruit.The evergreen tree is usually found at around 5-6 m tall, although it can reach 13-15 m.

The leaves are dark green, long (up to 15 cm) and thin. It produces 5 cm white four-petalled flowers. The fruit is yellow-skinned, largely oblate and ranges in diameter from 10-15 cm and has an acidic yellow segmented pulp. Varieties include the white grapefruit and the red, of which the 1929 US Ruby Red (of the Redblush variety) has a patent. The fruit has only become popular from the late 19th century, before that it was only grown as an ornamental plant. The US quickly became a major producer of the fruit, with plantations in Florida and Texas. In Spanish the fruit is known as the toronja.

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