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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Weight Gain & Menopause? Use a High Fiber Diet Plan!

Any woman near the age of menopause knows that weight gain and menopause go hand in hand!

Using a high fiber diet plan addresses two main factors in weight gain: metabolism and insulin resistance.

Why Do Women in Menopause Gain Weight?

Reason One: Metabolism

Our metabolism changes as we get older. We no longer need the same amount of calories that we needed when we were young.

That's why, if you keep eating the same things that you have always eaten, you will gain weight.

While your diet may not have changed, your body's needs have! Your body no longer needs all of those calories, so these "extra" calories go toward fueling your muffin top instead of fueling your life!

Reason Two: Crazy Blood Sugar Levels

Blood sugar levels that rise and fall too quickly leave you feeling hungry and craving the wrong kinds of food -- sugary, refined carbohydrates.

What do refined carbohydrates have to do with your weight gain? Well, "refined" means that the unwanted elements have been removed.

That sounds pretty good doesn't it?

Unfortunately, it's actually pretty bad. Instead of helping your body, refined carbohydrates get absorbed into your body too quickly -- so quickly that they cause your blood sugar level to shoot up. Then, your body reacts by producing insulin, which makes your blood sugar level crash.

At that point, you are left craving more refined carbohydrates. When you eat more, the same bad cycle happens again.

Your goal should be to eat foods that give you energy in a way that does not cause this immediate rise and fall of your blood sugar. You want to eat foods that help to maintain a normal blood sugar level.

That means following a high fiber diet plan.

What Does Fiber Have To Do With It?

Using a high fiber diet plan can help to address both of these reasons.

Since your metabolism is slower, you need to eat fewer calories per day. Foods that are high in fiber give you the most bang for your calorie buck.

High fiber foods are typically nutrient rich, and they will leave you feeling fuller for a longer amount of time -- that will help you to eat less food.

High fiber foods are not refined carbohydrates, so eating foods rich in fiber will help to stabilize your blood sugar level and not give you that immediate rise and crash.

Following a high fiber diet plan allows you to feel good and satisfied after eating instead of crashing and wanting more food.

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