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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

We Must Change Our Ways If We Are To Avoid Chronic Health Problems

by Gen Wright

Despite the billion of dollars spent on spent on weight loss each year, there is no magic diet, no diet pill, or exercise routine that is guaranteed to make you lose weight. We know now that 95% of all diets fail and people are growing larger, heavier and more frustrated by the minute as obesity rates have triple since the 1960's.

Right now 8 out of every 10 people are overweight and many are obese and this number continues to accelerate. Millions of people at any one time are making a monumental effort to lose weight to help them avoid the health risks yet most of them are falling far short of achieving their goals.

One of the biggest threats that people face today is the inability to maintain a healthy body weight. It all boils down to your body's chemical make up… your fat-burning furnace…your body's engine… your metabolism.

Our modern day lifestyles are working in opposition to the needs of our body and our metabolism (the mechanism that drives our entire body) is taking the brunt of it. Any wonder that we are becoming overweight, tired and sick. There are certain things that our genetic blueprint that was formed thousands of years ago dictates that we must have to remain healthy and we are pretending that they don't exist and it doesn't matter.

The first one is vigorous physical activity throughout our lives. But most of us on a daily basis hardly move at all. We drive to work, we sit all day, and we drive back home, sit motionless in front of the television for hours then go to bed.

Our body simply cannot stay healthy living like this; it needs constant energetic movement to stimulate the hormones which are the chemical messengers to take their instructions to the cells, tissues, systems and processes in our bodies. Only when they receive these instructions will they obey and repair, rebuild, replace and renew themselves.

Without this continual rejuvenation we embark on a downward spiral of degeneration and become old, weak and sick well before our time. That is of course if we are not taken out by one of the 'big three' heart disease, cancer or diabetes before we get 'old'.

The problem is nobody is really trying to get this message out there. People should be informed so they can make choices about the fate that awaits them if they fail to alter their lifestyles. But the people who could help make changes to our society are involved in financially driven organizations such as the medical profession and the food industry.

So it seems unlikely the message will come from them they would have nothing to gain and everything to lose if people should become healthy.

Yet this message is so simple, perform a proper exercise program that contains strength training exercise a couple of times each week. The balance of the program should contain at least one session weekly that involves interval training - shorts bursts of all out activity alternated by slower rest periods.

Forget the long, slow, boring activities that so called 'experts' would have you believe is all you need to do to stay strong and fit. Some walking or gardening or maybe even bird watching is what some of them believe you need to stay healthy. That really isn't working is it with the current global health crisis? Don't be sucked in - you need a lot more than that to stay healthy.

To support your proper exercise program, eat 5-6 small meals throughout the day made up of whole, natural, unprocessed food as much as possible. Each meal should contain 20-30 grams of protein and the balance raw and cooked vegetables

These two factors are all that is needed to totally turn around weight loss challenges, poor health challenges and tiredness and fatigue. Get inspired, get started and get others to join you so future generations won't follow us down this path.

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