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Monday, February 02, 2009

What You Should Know About the Grapefruit Diet - Fruit Diet For Weight Loss

By Faviano Torres

Are you a grape lover? Did you ever hear of the grapefruit diet? What you should know about the grapefruit diet? Even though there are heaps of diets to choose from nowadays, there are still a number of people who wants to revive the famous Grapefruit diet that has become well-known way back the 1970s. This diet has gained its popularity in the 1970's when it introduced a very exciting and new idea about losing weight.

Grapefruit diet has the following reasons why it became popular and has been revived today:

1. Grapefruit diet, as the name suggests, is a simple diet that utilizes on grapes. Grapes are very healthy and rich in essential vitamins and minerals just like other fruits. However, what you should know about the grapefruit diet is that it makes use of the enzymes found only in grapes that are said to have the ability to burn fats as quickly as possible.

2. Aside from these powerful enzymes contained in grapefruits, another thing that you should know about the grapefruit diet is that it is so simple that you only have to take on your everyday meal 4 ounces of grapes.

3. The grapefruit diet works on the principle of not skipping any meals at all. It is vital that a person eats 3 meals a day with grapes on its diet for a suggested meal plan that must have vegetables and eggs on it. The difference between the grapefruit diet today and before is that with today's revival of the Grapefruit diet, it now introduces exercise on the diet. Not only do you have to eat grapes and healthy foods but you should be physically active as well.

What you should know about the grapefruit is that you should also watch out your caloric intake in order for the exercise and the grapefruit to have effect. As we all know, grapes contain antioxidants which are very much needed to have a healthy heart and another great source of these antioxidants are acai berries.

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