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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Best Diet Foods - 9 Fat Burning Food Tips

By Cindy Ou

Need the best diet foods? Below are simple food tips you need to be aware of-

1. The best diet foods you must have in your meals - fiber, complex carbs, lean fat and protein. For one, you need all food groups in your diet - so avoid diet programs that suggest you cut out one or two food groups. Fact is, a healthy body needs every food type to perform at it's best.

2. Stay away from processed foods and long life-shelf foods - that also means avoid any trans fat, 'enriched' foods, sugar and saturated fats. In other words, eat out less, and cook your own healthy meals with fresh foods like organic produce.

3. Healthy fats are the mono unsaturated fats and poly-unsaturated fats!

4. The best diet foods to stick to - get your 2 servings of fruit and 5 servings of vegetables daily.

5. Some suggested fresh foods are skinless poultry, fish, meat trimmed of fat and vegetables.

6. One that is often overlooked - your drinking habit. Avoid the sugary drinks, alcohol and energy drinks - it contains empty calories. To put it simply, drink more water!

7. The trick here is to get in plenty of fiber - fiber is one the best diet foods you can get into your meals as it simply fills you up longer. So aim to fill half your plate with fiber, and the rest complex carbs, lean fat and protein to fuel your body.

8. To keep the body satisfied, aim to get in 4 to 6 healthy mini meals a day.

9. If you really want to shape up - get moving and exercise regularly!

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