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Friday, September 05, 2008

Diet is important

by Karolina

Diet dictionary is pretty much needed in this age of obese population booming up. Diet is not only important in cases of weight reduction, but it is an integral part of maintaining the overall well being of a human being. Diet is important in stages of pregnancy, diet is important in terms of post surgery, diet is important in terms of pre-operative conditions, diet is inevitably important for diabetes, cholesterol and even depression.

A diet dictionary gives the meaning of the many diet terminologies. What would a layman understand if he is recommend taking an 1800-calorie ADA diet every day. What is ADA? What is calorie? How to measure the 1800 thing? It will simply be confusing. To make the situation more complex, the nutritionist has prescribed a low-potassium fiber rich diet. The situation of the end recipient can be pathetic.

A diet dictionary can give a solution to all this ADA is American Dietary Association diet. 1800 calories is the energy level of the food. A fiber diet is that which is rich in fibrous content like greens, beans, etcetera. A low-potassium diet would warrant to reduce the foods that are rich in potassium content.

Again the next set of doubts prop. How can I make an 1800 calorie diet. For this the diet dictionary will give you the calorie count of all the food products per 100 grams or accordingly. Based on the calorie guidelines you can prepare an 1800-calorie ADA diet. Again, what are fibrous foods and low potassium foods? Get back to the diet dictionary to learn the foods rich in fiber and food low in potassium.

To reduce the equation of prescription of the nutritionist to real practical food you need to have the help of a diet dictionary. A diet dictionary is the handy equipment of a nutritionist; however, the might have mastered the terminologies from their long-term usage of it pretty easily; however, a common person that is new to nutrition will have to refer the diet dictionary more than often.

Some interesting questions on why you should have soup and salad before you meal will also be answered in a diet dictionary. When you have soup and salad before your meal you satisfy your appetite with a food that has less calorie; so, before you take your serving of carbohydrate, serve yourself a couple of bowls of soup or salad, your card intake will automatically decrease and your weight goes down. Do not take it after your meal, it works no magic! To get more tips like this refer a diet dictionary.

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