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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Physical Fitness Over 40

by Christopher William M.

An individual who is above 40 years and wants to live a long term healthy life has to be physically fit. Once we start aging our body also starts aging at the cellular level. Our skin getting darker, development of cellulite and sagging of our skin are all signs of aging. This is the time when we need to be physically fit so that we can carry on our daily tasks easily. We will be able to keep off arthritis also by being physically fit. Exercise helps in building our muscle strength which deteriorates with age.

The gains from physical fitness are many. Our bodies are contrived for movement. Absence of such movement will make us suffer from stress linked illness, and age associated conditions.
Losing unwanted pounds is also another advantage of exercising. When you exercise you burn calories and in turn you lose your weight. Exercise also helps in reduction of blood pressure. When you exercise you lose some chemicals from your body which helps to reduce the risk of developing blood pressure.

An associated malady with high blood pressure is heart sickness. Normally people who have high blood pressure will also have some degree of heart disease also. Physical exercise helps you to decreases the chances of death due to heart attack. Also physical exercise will help you to keep away from risk of high cholesterol. Reduction in cholesterol will aid you to protect yourself from diabetes, stroke and other related diseases.

Physical exercise for people beyond 40 will help them to be free from mental distress and also stress linked sickness. If you exercise daily on a regular basis the chances of depression and anxiety is reduced. That means you do not have to spend on anti depressants. Physical fitness will help improve psychological well being and you will be able to work peacefully. Your performance level will increase in your area of work or sports.

Aerobic exercise is different from physical fitness exercise. Aerobic exercise helps us to improve our ability to use and transfer oxygen in our body. The blood supply to the muscles is increased. This helps us in improving our flexibility, balance and coordination of the different parts of the body will improve.

Exercising for those who are above the age of 40 years also has its advantages on bones and joints. It assists to keep at bay Osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is a disease related to the weakening of leg muscles. People affected with this disease can do three types of physical fitness exercise. They are range of motion, aerobic exercises and strengthening. To strengthen your joints and without stressing too much you can do 'push and pull against static resistance' exercises. Cycling and walking is also beneficial. People suffering from arthritis should take up short and frequent exercise sessions and under the guidance of a physical therapist.

Exercise is also important to slow down the growth of osteoporosis. This disease in particular attacks women once they enter their menopause stage. During this period bone mass strength reduces and to increase it physical exercise has to be undertaken. Moderate exercise, that is as little as one hour a week will help strengthening the bones.

Exercise helps to keep your bones and joints strong. The benefits derived from exercising are not superficial. Exercising also strengthens your cardiovascular system. Your heart becomes healthy with exercise and you will have a healthy lifestyle even beyond your age. Follow regular exercise with healthy diet. You will surely live a longer, better and happier life. You can have a normal and better life style by doing light exercises also. So pave your way to a better and healthier life through exercises even if you are above 40 years.

About the Author
Christopher William M. is professional personal trainer in Southern California. Chris owns fitness business Positively Fit Inc. which services personal training to So Cal residents. Chris helps locals as Westminster Personal Trainer . Learn more by visiting