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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Candida Diet Is Becoming More Popular

By Kevin McNally

Candida Diet
The Candida Diet has been specialized formulated to help address the problem of the overgrowth of this particular fungus in the body. The main part of this diet helps to teach people what foods that they need to be avoiding if they want to prevent further attacks of this infection from occurring.

The main foods that they should be reducing or avoiding are those which contain high levels of sugar or have yeast within them. Often when on this diet a person will be required to restrict their intake of sugar in their diet to no more than 60 grams each day. But the actual amount will also depend on their age, how active they are, how fit and healthy they are. Plus it also takes into account how sensitive they are to particular foods.

Although some medical professionals including Dr Crook who devised the Candida Diet believe that foods which contain yeast should be avoided altogether. There are plenty of others who believe that it does not play any part in exacerbating the condition. Just actually restricting your intake of foods with yeast in them should be more than sufficient.

When it comes to how long one should stay on this particular diet it will actually depend upon the severity of it. But in most cases people who have used this diet as a way of helping to treat yeast infections caused by Candida Albicans have found that using it for around 4 weeks helps them to see noticeable improvements. It is only as these improvements occur then a person may find that they can slowly begin to reintroduce foods which were restricted back into their diet once more.

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