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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Male Libido And Age - Decreases With Age Reignite It With These Herbs

by Monica Hendrix

Male Libido and age the link is simple it declines with age - but you can fight back. The herbs below are all safe and natural and will enhance your libido and increase your overall wellness at the same time.

Why Aging Sees Sex Drive Decline

When we age our testosterone and nitric oxide production drops. We all know the importance of testosterone but nitric oxide is the real problem for most men.

If you don't get enough nitric oxide you won't get an erection. Nitric oxide is the chemical which allows the blood vessels to relax which sees blood pool in the penis and create an erection.
L'arginine is a non essential amino acid produced by our bodies which declines with age and it is critical in keeping nitric oxide levels up and you should take as a supplement to boost nitric oxide production.

Tests conducted on a group of older men for just 2 weeks saw 80% report better and stronger erections. Other great supplements for nitric oxide are the time tested herbs from China - Horny Goat Weed and Cnidium. For testosterone Horny Goat Weed is good again and so to is Mucuna Pruriens Extract. Clinical studies in India, have proved its anabolic and growth hormone stimulant properties and anabolic effect of the seed increases testosterone.

So the above supplements can get your sex drive back on track. Other points to keep in mind with male libido and age are the overall health of our bodies which of course varies.

In general terms though, as we get older we get fatigued easier and lack energy which is again reflected in low libido. Circulation also becomes more sluggish and healthy circulation of the blood is vital for overall health and sex drive. Many people don't consider it when thinking about libido but it's vital to have good circulation of the blood.

For better circulation try taking Ginseng and Ginkgo Biloba.

Both are known for there overall tonic affect on the body. They increase energy, improve stamina and act as blood tonics. They both promote healthy circulation especially to the extremities of the body including the genitals.

If you take the above supplements, have a healthy diet and take moderate exercise, you will see a notable improvement in your libido in around a month.

We all have to get older and can't turn back the clock but there is no reason why healthy men cannot have active sex lives well into their seventies and beyond.

Give your body the right libido enhancers and you will not only have a stronger sex drive - but improve your overall wellness too and that's good news all round.

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