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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Secrets To Losing Weight While Retaining Your Muscles

by Anthony Lee

Do you want to discover the secrets to losing weight but retaining all those muscles? Is there a diet capable to do both of these? Well, a high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet is what you need to follow. The protein will ensure bone and muscular improvement; while the low carbohydrate intake will make certain that fat build-up won't take place in your body any longer.

To give you an idea of what a high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet looks like, check on the examples listed below.

1. For Breakfast: Cereal with Fat-Free Milk. Three-fourths cup of high protein cereals matched with a large class of fat-free milk with surely jumpstart your day towards the right path. If you can, use artificial sweeteners instead of regular sugar. Milk is a drink rich in calcium. It also contains enzymes to promote healthier, stronger bones. Milk is not just for kids. Drink a glass of it daily and fight osteoporosis.

2. Still for Breakfast: Yoghurt, fruit, and tea. Yoghurt is a fat-free food so can be sure that you do not accumulate fat as you eat it. A piece of any fruit like an apple or a banana is good for oxidation. And tea is a much healthier option than coffee.

3. For Morning Snack: Graham crackers, sugar-free pudding. 2 pieces of graham crackers paired with a slice of pudding is a good prelude to lunch, if and when you can't wait for mealtime anymore. Just make sure the pudding is made with 2% fat milk.

4. For Lunch: Soya or Linseed bread with low-fat ham, lean sliced roast beef, or sliced turkey breast. Take your pick. Three slices of bread will do. For the filling, 50 grams of each is the maximum amount you can consume. You can also add lettuce or tomatoes to make your sandwich more lively and appealing.

5. For Afternoon Snacks. Water-packed fruit cocktail. Fruits are healthy foods. One and a half cups of fruit cocktail is good to satisfy your afternoon hunger.

6. For Dinner: Fresh Vegetables and a large tin of Red Salmon. You can substitute some other fish or seafood if salmon is not available. Do not fry the fish in oil. Microwave or stir-fry it instead. You can add herb and spices but make sure they do not add calorie to the meal.

7. For Evening Snacks. American cheese, saltine crackers, and mustard. If you feel hungry any time during the night, an ounce of cheese with a teaspoon of mustard goes well with 2 pieces of saltine crackers. This should be good while you are watching your favorite TV show.

8. Before or after a workout: Half a protein bar or a glass of protein drink. You can adjust the amount of these foods depending upon the intensity of your workout. A more stressful workout requires more food and for a less tiring one, consume less than necessary.

9. Before going to bed: Protein Shake, Dietary fibers, or Milk-Powder Diet Shake. Before tucking yourself to bed, take in one heaped tablespoon of protein or diet shake or one heaped teaspoon of dietary fiber. This will ensure that your muscles will maintain its protein levels even as you sleep.

These are some examples of a good high protein, low carbohydrate diet. It should work well with your aim of losing some weight off while retaining your hard-earned muscles.

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